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Today’s local paper has an article about a woman in the area who had it worse than me and eventually pushed her way back to an active lifestyle. (Start with impaired mobility and add loss of sight, difficulty with speech, and two small children!) I’m continually amazed at how much physical distress people suffer through before they seek medical attention. Also, the pattern of this auto-immune disease in people with a Type A personality is fascinating to me.

Here’s the link for anyone who needs inspiration to keep going – with or without a brain lesion.



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Still plugging away

Celebrating life - my 42nd birthday

I’m writing today because I know it’s been two months since my last update. It seems like a good idea to chronicle my first year of recovery from the messed up brain lesion that first showed itself last October.

So how am I doing? The title of this post says it all. I continue to improve, and there’s still functionality I’m working to recover. Good things – I’ve resumed swimming and I work on increasing my distance. I go to the pool once or twice a week. The other big accomplishment is getting back on my bike. In mid-July I rode for the first time, with Chris holding my handle bars and seat to keep me stable. The following week I rode around the block solo, and the week after that we went around the neighborhood. It feels like the world is opening up again. I’m going to pilates twice a week as my physical therapy. Once the PT ends in a couple of weeks I’ll be on my own to continue working on rebuilding those pathways.

This entry is short on account of the August heat. Nobody likes it, I know. These days it makes things harder than normal. So that means I’m caught up on my reading and movies, and relaxing with more icy drinks. Cheers.

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