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Celebrating with Chris, Madya and Salvador in Cancun

We got the good news we hoped for from my scan November 1. The lesion continues to shrink and there is no new activity anyplace else in my brain. I mean, sure, there’s plenty of activity, but none of the bad stuff that shows up on an MRI. Some time soon Chris will be posting the latest image for comparison, but for now I can tell you that it’s 10% smaller than it was in May. We’re all very impressed with that!

I’ll see Dr. Corboy again in 6 months and will have another scan a year from now. My treatment plan remains the same — take care of my body with vitamins, healthy diet and exercise, and avoid stress. I believe that’s the formula for longevity for everyone. However, as a friend of mine observed recently, my prescription comes with more responsibility. There’s more at stake when I decide to stray from the path.

The day after my scan we went to Mexico for a few days for a very relaxing vacation. One of the highlights of our trip was meeting our former co-worker, Madya. Not only is she a warm, radiant personality, she happens to share a birthday with Chris. (Coincidence?) Even though we had never met previously, we had a great long-distance relationship and she put a lot of love and care into the universe for me over the past year. What a treat to see her in person and reinforce what I already felt about her.

When we came back I started my new job, which is going very well.  I’ve reconnected with another former co-worker, from a different job, who is so much more than a work-mate. On November 11th  at 11:11 we stepped outside the coffee shop where we were working, faced the foothills and sent out our intentions for good things for the world. Needless to say, she’s helping me with the low-stress part of my recovery.

And now for the holiday season, which is going to be a 180-degree change from our mood and our activities last year. We’ll be with my brother and his kids in Washington for Thanksgiving, and with Chris’s mom and sister and family in Wyoming for Christmas. I feel lucky that I have the chance to do those things that seemed so elusive last year at this time.

Once again, it’s time to give thanks.


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