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On the road

At Anna's graduation with Aunt Louise, Mom, and Adam

This month’s post comes from Cleveland and I couldn’t be happier. Happy to be in Cleveland? Yes indeed. It’s a pleasant, sunny day and I’m here for two days of work. Good things are happening. I feel healthy and mobile. Yesterday as I was getting massage therapy (yet another of the therapies I enjoy regularly as part of my recovery), I realized that I feel more in touch with the left side of  my body. For a long time it didn’t really feel like mine. It didn’t respond to the signals I gave it, and I wasn’t really sure who was in charge. These days I feel whole and connected.

I had a couple of great milestones in the past month, none of which were anything a therapist would prescribe. I’m talking about ordinary life events. I got caught in a rainstorm while I was out walking the dog and learned I still can’t run, but I can walk fast if I really need to. Then I came home to find a flooded room in our basement. Rather than collapsing on the couch, which has been my coping mechanism the past six months, I called friends and pitched in as best I could during the cleanup.   (I owe a million thanks to Ellie, Kelly and Tom for their help that night.) This all happened while Chris was out of town for a week for work, so I really had to just push forward. And it was fine.

Last weekend I went to Omaha for my neice’s graduation. The journey was smooth and uneventful and I was very happy to be there with family. And now here I am in Cleveland on my first work trip since November 1, 2010. Before I left for that trip last fall I knew things weren’t quite right, but I didn’t know why. Today I don’t have that sense of foreboding that I had on my last trip. I have a long way to go but when my fingers curl up making it hard to type, or my back hurts, or my leg isn’t swinging the way it’s supposed to, at least I know why, I know I’ll feel better if I rest, and I believe it’s on its way to getting better.


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