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The big news for this year is one new, small lesion in my frontal lobe, which means I officially have a diagnosis of MS. Prior to this, with the one Balo’s lesion, the doctors didn’t classify my condition as MS, since the M stands for multiple and I had only one giant, crazy, concentric-ringed lesion. That one is still there, about the same size it was when we last looked around inside my brain in November, 2013 (18×18 mm).

This month’s scan was just a regular 2-year checkup. I had no new symptoms and no new exacerbations from the existing lesion. In fact, the same week of my scan I also made it to the gym four times and was feeling terrific, so I guess it doesn’t have to be some dramatic health crisis that leads to a new diagnosis.

Although I’m disappointed with the new developments, it’s not a complete surprise, and I am happy to still be feeling good and strong. I’ll get another scan in six months to see just how active my brain is. If there are more lesions then (or anything new develops before), we’ll talk about whether it makes sense for me to begin taking medicine. As of today, I have not taken anything at all, though I do manage my diet and take care of myself with lots of exercise and rest. Luckily, I am approaching the age where MS attacks tend to taper off, so I’ve got that going for me. (Who said aging was a bad thing?)


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